The Polymers Center has three injection molding machines that are dedicated to training, research, and product development. We primarily focus on ASTM test specimen molding. Additionally, we can provide support for short-run product needs and extensive tooling trials.
Our lab features two 55-ton presses and one 90-ton press. This includes one all-electric, one hybrid-electric, and one hydraulic machine. Each of them is capable of running various plastics, ranging from commodity to engineering grades that require mold temperatures up to 220°F. The Injection Molding Lab doubles as a classroom for courses on polymer processing.

Our injection mold inventory includes a spiral flow mold, a 2”x3” variable thickness plaque mold, two color chip molds, and an ASTM family mold for various testing – either in our Materials Science Lab or yours.

To see how the Polymers Center can help, call Phil Shoemaker at 704-602-4100 or e-mail contact-us@polymers-center.org.

Depending on the needs of our customers, molds can either be provided by the customer or the Polymers Center. The Polymers Center has molds that can be used if the goal is to test the material. Customers can choose from our ASTM family mold which includes a Tensile Bar, Flex Bar, and a Gardner Impact disk, or our variable thickness 2”x3” plaque mold, which can be set between 0.02”-0.20” thick”. ASTM Flex bars can be machined down and notched for IZOD Impact testing. Customers also have the option of bringing a mold of their own to verify that it will produce good parts. Please contact us for allowable mold dimensions.

To learn more about our injection molding capabilities, contact:

Yiro Shimabukuro
Material Chemist

Andrew Yost
Injection Molding Technician


Molds to test the material


ENGEL e-mac 85t

All-electric. Best-in-class efficiency and precision to the max. All of the ENGEL e-mac‘s movements are performed by servo-electric drives. The all-electric drive helps you to achieve best-in-class efficiency for the entire machine. The ENGEL e-mac uses the proven ENGEL CC300 control unit which offers maximum flexibility on all ENGEL machines. With the ENGEL e-mac you can also implement complex injection molding applications in a highly efficient and user-friendly way. The ENGEL e-mac sets a new standard with up to 22 m/s² acceleration on the injection axis.


Arburg 320 A 55t

This Hybrid-Electric Allrounder Alldrive machine was built in 2007 and has been a reliable workhorse since it was donated to PCE by PolyLinks. It features a touch screen and soft key interface.

Shibaura Machine EC55SX III 55t

This All-Electric machine was placed here by Plastics Machinery, LLC in 2019 along with an Advantage TCU and Sepro S5 Sprue Picker. The V70 controller is a 19” touch screen which allows the user to view setting screens and process outputs simultaneously. Soft keys are used for machine movements and heats. Its streamlined design and lack of hydraulic oil make it easy to clean, so contamination is kept to a minimum. Quiet operation makes this machine ideal for training.

Shibaura Machine EC55SX III 55t

Customer Testimonials

“PCE has been a benchmark – gold standard partner for Microban International. We have expanded the breadth and depth of our product range four-fold over the last several years and they have been there with us every step of the way. Their expertise, unique problem solving ability, high standard of quality and safety and hyper focus on customer satisfaction are a model for us all.”

Thomas Kotterer, Vice President Global Operations, Microban International Ltd.

“I attended four courses put on by the Polymers Center of Excellence, and quite frankly they are the most practical and useful training classes I have had so far in my career. The instructor, Joe Henz, literally brought boxes full of examples showing well designed parts as well as failures and the causes for them, manufacturing defects, gating and much more. The course handouts contained many pictures and clear explanations, and even today they are some of the most heavily used resources on my bookshelf. If you are looking for a solid introduction to plastics, I highly recommend the Polymers Center of Excellence for your training needs.”

Jeff Wickham, Founder, Medical Device Engineers Network

“For those looking for testing, evaluation of existing plastic products, prototyping and developing new products, the Polymer s Center for Excellence is your go-to source. Their test and production equipment is up to date and functional. The personnel who oversee the equipment are professional and knowledgeable, many having come from the Plastics Industry with impressive academic backgrounds. In a sentence, they know what they are doing! They can and will answer your questions honestly. In the event they do not know the answer or you require additional information they will not hesitate to let you know they find out. It was refreshing to discover such a remarkable polymer resource right here in North Carolina. No need to go to Texas or New Jersey anymore. I applaud PCE’s efforts and accomplishments in putting together such a remarkable facility.”

Thomas A. Hempstead, Quality Packaging Company of NC

“Earth Renewable Technologies focuses on making environmentally friendly packaging products. One of the reasons I enjoy working with the Polymers Center is that they are always accommodating when it comes to doing tests. The Polymers Center always works with us on figuring out solutions by utilizing more than one method.”

Jason Wolfe, Earth Renewable Technologies

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