Plastic Materials

Course Details

Instructor: Dave Rose
Hours of Instructions: 2-Days
Course Prerequisite: None
Dates: TBA
Price: $1,575.00

American Injection Molding Institute

The Plastic Materials development course is designed to give a solid foundation on understanding polymer families, material properties, and shrink and warp characteristics.

  • Polymerization methods
  • Differences between amorphous and semi-crystalline materials
  • Molecular weight and its effect on material properties
  • Drying nuances and proper measurement of moisture
  • Crystallinity and its effect on material properties
  • Plastic flow characteristics
  • Viscosity’s role on process and part quality
  • Videos of plastic flowing through molds
  • Various industry myths uncovered
  • Melt Flow Index versus in-mold viscosity
  • Classifications of plastic shrinkage
  • Root causes of warp
  • Strategies for predicting warp
  • Breakout session for troubleshooting warped parts

The Plastic Materials course begins with discussions on making polymers out of monomers, followed by the importance of molecular weight to the part performance and processing. The course then dives into other topics such as drying, additives, viscosity and rheology. The discussion then leads into what makes some polymers amorphous and others semi-crystalline and how that classification impacts material properties, processing, mold design and part design. Finally, the course dives deeper into understanding and recognizing volumetric versus orientation-induced shrinkage, and how each causes plastic parts to warp. Students will learn critical thought processes that help them distinguish between the various root causes of warp, followed by practical strategies for reducing warp by evaluating options in material selection, mold design, processing and part design.

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Polymers Center
8900 Research Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262
(704) 602-4100

Dress Code
Business casual
Polo or button down shirt
Long pants
Closed toe shoes, no heels

Lab Etiquette
No drinks, food or gum
No tobacco or vaping devices
Safety glasses must be worn

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