Pelletizing Fundamentals: Concepts and Applications

This two-day training will review the fundamentals of underwater pelletization technologies, both strand and die-face. In this session, the instructors will cover the key components of both systems and provide examples of normal applications. Each day will start out with presentations in the classroom, but then transition to hands-on operation of the systems, including the operation of these systems under the direction of the process experts. The presentation will be divided into two halves.  The first presentation will be by John Bolton and Chris Theimer of Gala and will focus on underwater pelletizers.  The second half will focus on strand systems, both dry and underwater. Often found in PET applications, the USG systems of Maag Automatik are the industry standard for that application.

The cutting chamber of a pelletizer is one of the problem areas of any compounding line.  It is where the melt, the cooling water, and the cutter converge, all of which are in motion. Given the demands of uniform pellets of specific size, moisture content, and temperature, it is often difficult to get all three systems working correctly to achieve specifications. Find out how the experts at Gala and Automatik design their machines to achieve consistent pelletization goals, and what might be going wrong if the results do not meet expectations.

Primary Topics:

Day 1:  Underwater Pelletizing

  • Pelletizer technology
  • Die plate design basics
  • UWP system components
  • Specialty applications:  hot melt adhesive, highly filled materials
  • Hands-on start-up and operation

Day 2:  Strand Pelletizing

  • Strand Pelletizer technology
  • Strand system components
  • Design and application of strand systems including USG (underwater strand systems)
  • Hands-on start up and operation
  • Troubleshooting—problem areas.  Common mistakes or sources of failure.

Date: Tuesday and Wednesday, January 10-11
Time: 9am-4pm
The Polymers Center
8900 Research Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262

Cost: $750

Event Venue Date
Pelletizing Fundamentals Polymers Center Campus
  • January 10, 2023 9:00 am
  1. Chris Theimer, Business Lead – Compounding Solutions, MAAG Group
    Chris spent many years selling large capacity Gala dryers worldwide. He now configures underwater pelletizing systems. He has over fifteen years of experience at Gala.
  2. John Bolton, Sales Manager – Compounding, MAAG Group
    John has work with customers around the globe providing solutions for underwater pelletizing applications for more than 30 years. He is experienced with many unique applications of UWP and frequently consults on the suitability of underwater pelletizing for new materials.
  3. Jurg Hassler, Sales Manager – Polymer, MAAG Group
    Jurg has been with Automatik since 1989 and has sold, installed, and maintained hundreds of pelletizers. While Service Manager he led various seminars, both in-house and at the plant sites, to help his customers understand how their systems work and how to keep them in optimal condition. While he now works in sales, he has never been shy about getting his hands dirty, as his breadth of knowledge will attest, and likes nothing more than helping others with the most problematic machine in their plant—their pelletizer.