In-Plant Recycling and Reclaim of Extruded/Molded Plastic Scrap for Improved Sustainability

Course Outline:

Producers of extruded/molded products have three main options when dealing with their own internal scrap 1) reuse it, 2) sell it, or 3) dispose of it. For all three, some type of re-processing is usually beneficial. In this course we will review the logistics, economics, and processing technologies typically used for extruded/molded products, with the main focus on the in-house recovery of scrap that is then fed back into the raw material stream—an important first step in your plant’s sustainability journey.

The main points of discussion are:

  • Understanding the scrap being produced during the extrusion/molding process
  • Review on-line reclaim options for continuous production waste
  • Assess the economics/logistics of disposal, toll processing, and/or sale of production scrap
  • Evaluate cost justifications for processing production scrap internally
  • Determine the economics of bringing in outside industrial scrap for use in products
  • Considerations of the extrusion/molding production process with additional levels of reclaim input
  • Appraise the effects of reclaim material variations, such as bulk density, viscosity, purity, and heat history and how they may affect the final product
    Discuss the required processing technologies for recovery of plastic scrap including material handling, size reduction, metal and fines separation, washing, sorting, and pelletizing

The goals of the program are to provide the information required to process scrap material for efficient disposal, transport or re-sale, to evaluate the economic justifications for bringing scrap reprocessing capabilities in-house, and to review the processing technologies required for introduction of scrap material back into the primary production lines.

Date: Tuesday, January 24
Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
The Polymers Center
8900 Research Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262

Cost: $500

Event Venue Date
In-Plant Recycling and Reclaim of Extruded/Molded Plastic Scrap for Improved Sustainability Polymers Center Campus
  • January 24, 2023 9:00 am

Dana Darley, Business Development, Vecoplan LLC, Archdale, NC USA

Dana Darley manages business development and complex applications for the Plastics Division of Vecoplan LLC, a leading manufacturer of size reduction, separation, and recycling systems.

Holder of two US patents, Dana earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University and has been involved in the design, development, marketing and sales of plastics processing and recycling equipment for over 40 years.

During his career, Dana has held management positions at Process Control Corporation, Kreyenborg Industries, MAAG Pump and LCI Corporation, and operated his own consulting business, Extrusion Auxiliary Services, Inc. for 15 years.