Injection Molding Mathematics

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Hours of Instructions: Self-Paced Online
Course Prerequisite: None
Date: Available 24/7
Price: $125.00

This course is an introduction to the math associated with thermoplastic injection molding and is designed for technicians, process engineers, design engineers, quality auditors, supervisors, design project managers, and anyone who needs to create, approve, or modify the design of injection molded plastic parts.

This class will use videos, quizzes and PDFs to shed light on the equations that govern the injection molding process. Participants will learn how those equations can be used in the plant, and walk away with a solid understanding of the math needed for injection molding. This course will strengthen each individual’s math skills and allow them to better understand any future injection molding courses. Understanding of the course content will be evaluated with a test.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:


  • Force
  • Intensification Ratio


  • Machine Linearity
  • If their screw is appropriate for their material


  • Projected Area
  • Required Clamp Tonnage
  • Percent of Capacity Usage
  • Expected Fill Time
  • Check Ring Performance
  • Intensification Ratio
  • Plastic Injection Pressure
  • Screw L/D and Compression Ratio
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Dress Code
Business casual
Polo or button down shirt
Long pants
Closed toe shoes, no heels

Lab Etiquette
No drinks, food or gum
No tobacco or vaping devices
Safety glasses must be worn

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