Extrusion Fundamentals

Course Details

Instructor: Dan McWilliams
Hours of Instructions: 2-Day
Course Prerequisite: None
Date: March 29-30, 2022
October 4-5, 2022
Price: $925

The course is an introduction to the process of plastics extrusion and is designed for operators, technicians, process engineers, quality auditors, supervisors, and maintenance personnel.   The course covers all aspects of extrusion line design and operation and is intended to give the student the information necessary to effectively operate and improve the performance of the extrusion process.

During the first day, we explain step-by-step what occurs in the extrusion process from the feed hopper to the die, in both single screw and twin-screw extrusion lines.  Safety issues are emphasized.

Course Objectives

  • Overview and History of Plastics
  • General Plastic Processing Methods
  • Design and Function of the Extruder
  • Plastics Behavior in the Extruder and Die
  • Key Components of the Extrusion Process
  • How the Extrusion Process Works
  • Safety

Day 2 addresses the entire extrusion plant operation, from receipt of raw materials to packaging of the final product.   Equipment used in each unit operation is discussed to identify areas that can create problems for the extrusion line.  Emphasis is placed on common issues within each unit operation that are important in process troubleshooting and problem solving.  A problem solving model is discussed as well as the use of troubleshooting guides.

Course Objectives

  • Material Handling
  • Drying
  • Feeding
  • Extruder Operation
  • Processing Conditions
  • Forming and Cooling
  • Process Monitoring and Quality Assurance
  • Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

To better plan this course to fit your needs, please select what types of Extruder(s) your company runs.

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Polymers Center
8900 Research Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262
(704) 602-4100

Dress Code
Business casual
Polo or button down shirt
Long pants
Closed toe shoes, no heels

Lab Etiquette
No drinks, food or gum
No tobacco or vaping devices
Safety glasses must be worn

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