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Advanced Scientific Molding

Course Details

Instructor: PCE Technical Associate
Hours of Instructions: 3-Day
Course Prerequisite: Yes*
Dates: TBA
Price: $1,295

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Course Description

3 Day Advanced Scientific Processing Hands-On Workshop is designed to provide students with valuable hands-on machine time to reinforce the methodologies they have learned in the Fundamentals of Injection Molding or the Paulson ProMolder I class. Attendees will acquire the knowledge they need to dissect a process, rebuild the process using data driven methodologies, improve on it and document the return on investment, or indicate potential improvement areas using the current condition of the machine and mold.

The results will vary class to class depending on your machine and mold conditions, but the end result will be the most robust process possible with the current conditions. The instructor will give recommendations on ways to further improve the process by improving the condition of a machine, mold or procedures that may be hindering performance.

* The PCE Fundamentals of Injection Molding or Paulson ProMolder I class must be successfully completed prior to participating in the Advanced Scientific Processing Hands-On Workshop. You may also be interested in our PCE Math for Molders course which may be on our schedule the day before your Systematic Molding class and the Fundamentals of Injection Molding.

Course Objectives

  • Machine Qualification Tests

Load sensitivity
Pressure response
Injection speed linearity
Clamp/Mold deflection study
Perform a dynamic check ring repeatability test

  • Mold Performance Requirements & Identify Mold Weaknesses

Pressure loss test
Perform a gate seal study to determine optimal hold time
Identify the cavity balance at all injection speeds
Create a temperature map of the mold

  • Validate Machine & Mold Capabilities
  • Build and document a robust Scientific Method Process and with the current machine and mold conditions
  • Machine Qualification Tests
Polymers Center
8900 Research Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262
(704) 602-4100

Dress Code
Business casual
Polo or button down shirt
Long pants
Closed toe shoes, no heels

Lab Etiquette
No drinks, food or gum
No tobacco or vaping devices
Safety glasses must be worn
Event Venue Start Date
Injection Molding Fundamentals Polymers Center Campus
  • October 9, 2018 8:30 am

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