3D printing seems to be the hottest thing this decade. Amazing products are being prototyped and made using this extraordinary technology. The Polymers Center is excited to have a new printer to benefit our customers. The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle at the Polymers Center, donated by North Carolina State University’s NCMEP program, is used to provide rapid prototyping services.

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle makes 3D printing with a wide range of materials easy. It provides larger capacity and flexibility for bigger prints and more small batches. The bundle is made up of three devices:

1. The Ultimaker S5 – a dual extrusion 3D printer

2. A Material Station – a 6-spool prefeeder with humidity control, automatically switches between materials as needed, before, after, and even during a print job. End-of-spool detection on every bay means that when a spool runs out, it automatically switches to the next. Material left on a used spool is no longer wasted.

The material station is designed to handle humidity and dust. Silica gel extracts moisture, keeping the chamber below 40% relative humidity. Since moisture absorption is no longer a risk, there is no degradation of the polymer. The filament remains fresh longer, resulting in higher print success and quality.

3. An Air Manager – a fully-enclosed chamber at the top of the printer with a highly-effective EPA filter eliminates air quality concerns. The S5 Air Manager removes up to 95% of all ultrafine particles. Besides eliminating the need for extra ventilation, successful filtration allows customers to choose their materials without compromise. They can rest assured the air-quality is safe even when using the exact mechanical properties their applications demand.

Each bay is NFC-enabled and compatible with a large number of filaments and materials. The result is unparalleled flexibility for 3D printing applications. Contact the Polymers Center to learn more about our 3D printing capabilities.