After more than 40 years of working with Polymer Dryers, Pete Stoughton has decided to develop a Polymer Drying Seminar. The class will be held March 17, 2020 and will help anyone who works with the production of plastic parts understand how important drying can be for part quality.

In Pete’s own words, here’s why he developed the Drying Seminar:

“Polymer Dryers are classified as auxiliary equipment; auxiliary meaning they serve in a subsidiary capacity to the primary equipment. As such they are often an afterthought in the practical everyday task of operating a plastics processing plant. That is until the dryer stops working and the line goes down. This begins a mad scramble to assess the damage and repair a piece of equipment that has often been ignored until it no longer works. This led me to ask the question, ‘Can this be changed?’

After deciding to develop the Polymer Drying Seminar, my first thought for a venue was to rent a conference room in a major hotel. Then one day while perusing LinkedIn, I ran across a post about the Polymer Center of Excellence and remembered doing a one-hour Polymer Drying talk as a supplement to an Injection Molding Seminar held there many, many years ago. At that point I immediately decided that it would be the perfect place for a Polymer Drying Seminar.”

Pete Stoughton

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