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The Polymers Center Expands Capabilities with a New 27mm Twin Screw Co-Rotating Extruder

The Polymers Center is pleased to announce the recent addition of a new 27mm twin screw co-rotating extruder to its list of equipment, expanding the center’s processing capabilities. Able to melt and mix polymers with fillers, additives, fragrances, liquids, fibers, etc., twin screw extruders are used to compound resins and additives. The result is [...]

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Extrusion In The 21st Century

The Polymers Center is hosting a two-day seminar on April 27-28, 2017, at the Polymers Center designed to showcase advances in extrusion. Some of the questions that will be answered during the seminar are: What are the principle concepts of mixing and how do I employ them? Can the line be rebuilt or does it make [...]

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