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Moldex3D Molding Innovation Day at the Polymers Center

On March 5, 2020, the Polymers Center will be co-hosting our second Moldex3D Molding Innovation Day along with Moldex3D and EPS Flotek. This year’s theme is machine integration, and how Moldex3D can be used to strengthen communication between machines. Speakers from PCE, Moldex3D, GOM Americas, EPS Flotek, Kruse Analysis, and RJG are on the [...]

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Moldex3D Northern America Molding Innovation Day

On March 7, the Polymers Center hosted the Moldex3D Northern America Molding Innovation Day. Presenters included Amanda Hurd (Training Manager and Injection Molding Engineer for the Polymers Center), Anthony Yang (President of Moldex3D North America), Chris Daly (Technical Sales for Moldex3D in the Northeastern United States), Toon Peeters (Application Engineer at GOM Branch Benelux [...]

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Molding Innovation Day 2019

Moldex3D and Polymers Center of Excellence will co-host the Molding Innovation Day on March 7, 2019 at the Polymers Center of Excellence in North Carolina. This conference will centralize around the advances of Industry 4.0 – Smart Design and Manufacturing and include a guided tour of the Polymers Center of Excellence facility as well [...]

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Optimize Product Design and Manufacturability With Moldex3D

Moldex3D is a leading software program for the plastic injection molding industry. Moldex3D can simulate a wide range of plastics injection molding processes allowing the viewer to see how the material fills the mold, how the gate freezes off during the packing phase, what happens as the material cools, the direction and magnitude of part [...]

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