RJG® Materials Technology is a hands-on course that not only teaches the theory behind various materials, but allows students to put to practice what they learn in real-world scenarios. Through a combination of classroom instruction and activity-driven learning, students leave with a better understanding of plastic types, properties, testing, and processing. They even have the opportunity to process selected materials under various conditions to make the correlation between processing parameters and part quality. Understanding the cause and effect relationship between plastic properties will allow them to make informed decisions for processing, material selection, and material application.

Materials Technology is ideal for anyone on the floor running a machine or making decisions based on quality and material selection (process technicians and engineers, part designers, quality technicians, materials technicians, etc.). RJG training is unique in that it is student-centered and can adjust to the class’ needs. The instructors are all highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable of the day-to-day grind on the plant floor. They’ve been processors, plant managers, and engineers, and now they find joy in sharing that knowledge with future generations to improve the lives of molders around the world.