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Our extrusion laboratories contain single screw extruders for making plastic film and plastic sheet, as well as twin screw extruders for compounding plastics and making pellets. We can handle pellets, powders, fibers, granules, flakes and liquids. Our staff is highly experienced in compounding a wide array of specialty fillers and additives into the base resin of your choice. Customers are invited to come and participate in the formulation and compounding of their materials.

Contact Tom McHouell by phone at 704-602-4106 or by email at to discuss your compounding needs.

Film and Sheet Extrusion

We can extrude film and sheet with our 1.5” single screw and 8” wide film die.

Blown Film
We can produce mono-layer blown film samples with our small scale 2” blown film line.

Small Scale Compounding

We have a versatile lab scale 21mm twin screw extruder capable of producing trial samples. Through our subsidiary, the Polymers Technology Center, we can compound on a 27mm Leistritz Maxx machine. If the demand increases beyond that, we can scale up to a Leistritz 50mm Maxx.

Pilot Scale Compounding

We can scale up to 50mm Leistritz Maxx Compounders that can produce large pilot trial samples.



Mixaco Mixer

Mixaco has consigned PCE one of their Speedy 50 SD Mixers. This is a high speed mixer for dry solids and liquids which will allow us to intensely mix additives or masterbatches. It has mixing sacks which allow for easy clean up and off line mix preparations.

Reactive Extrusion

PCE/PTC has experience with reactive extrusion processes including chain extension, grafting and viscosity breaking.

Polymers Technology Center

The Polymers Center’s sister company, the Polymers Technology Center provides full scale extrusion and compounding services.  >

Customer Testimonials

“I have found The Polymers Center of Excellence to be an excellent laboratory for all the polymer testing we do on our products. They are both responsive and efficient with the work they do for us. Carl Thomas does an excellent job in getting the information to us quickly and thoroughly in his reports. He is always a phone call away should we need him to interpret the data for us. PCE also has worked closely with us in developing specialty compounds for the polymer marketplace. There variety of twin screw compounding lines allows us not only to prototype our compounds in small quantities, but once we have established a working formula, their larger lines suit us perfectly for production size runs. The staff at PCE are courteous and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone for their polymer testing, operator training, or specialty compounding needs.”

Ray Dlugos, President, Ace Plastics Inc.

“PCE has been a benchmark – gold standard partner for Microban International. We have expanded the breadth and depth of our product range four-fold over the last several years and they have been there with us every step of the way. Their expertise, unique problem solving ability, high standard of quality and safety and hyper focus on customer satisfaction are a model for us all.”

Thomas Kotterer, Vice President Global Operations, Microban International Ltd.

“I attended four courses put on by the Polymers Center of Excellence, and quite frankly they are the most practical and useful training classes I have had so far in my career. The instructor, Joe Henz, literally brought boxes full of examples showing well designed parts as well as failures and the causes for them, manufacturing defects, gating and much more. The course handouts contained many pictures and clear explanations, and even today they are some of the most heavily used resources on my bookshelf. If you are looking for a solid introduction to plastics, I highly recommend the Polymers Center of Excellence for your training needs.”

Jeff Wickham, Founder, Medical Device Engineers Network

“For those looking for testing, evaluation of existing plastic products, prototyping and developing new products, the Polymer s Center for Excellence is your go-to source. Their test and production equipment is up to date and functional. The personnel who oversee the equipment are professional and knowledgeable, many having come from the Plastics Industry with impressive academic backgrounds. In a sentence, they know what they are doing! They can and will answer your questions honestly. In the event they do not know the answer or you require additional information they will not hesitate to let you know they find out. It was refreshing to discover such a remarkable polymer resource right here in North Carolina. No need to go to Texas or New Jersey anymore. I applaud PCE’s efforts and accomplishments in putting together such a remarkable facility.”

Thomas A. Hempstead, Quality Packaging Company of NC

“Earth Renewable Technologies focuses on making environmentally friendly packaging products. One of the reasons I enjoy working with the Polymers Center is that they are always accommodating when it comes to doing tests. The Polymers Center always works with us on figuring out solutions by utilizing more than one method.”

Jason Wolfe, Earth Renewable Technologies

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