On June 28th, 1998, The Polymers Foundation, Inc. officially incorporated in the state of North Carolina as a 501 (c) (3) entity, the purpose of which was to, “include research and education relating to polymer science.” It was to advance that purpose by, “encouraging, motivating, accepting, holding, investing, reinvesting, and administering any gifts, bequests, grants, and devises of property of any nature , and using, disbursing, lending or donating the principal thereof or income earned thereupon exclusively for the corporation’s purposes, and giving, conveying, lending or assigning any of its property outright, or upon lawful terms regarding the use thereof and engaging in any other lawful activities and exercising any powers allowed by law in furtherance of the corporation’s purposes.”

Since its inception The Polymers Foundation has accepted over a hundred thousand dollars in gifts and donations and disbursed all of those funds to the furtherance of its goals. Owned by The Polymers Center of Excellence, The Foundation serves as the conduit for donations that form the basis for The Center’s operations. Extruders, Injection Molding Machines, Testing equipment, all have found their way to the Center through the Foundation. For example, in 2015 Polylinks donated four Arburg molding machines worth an aggregate total of $25,000 to the Foundation. Today those machines form the basis of the Molding Lab where the Polymers Center trains students in molding, the machines are also utilized for molding test bars for the Material Science Lab.

In addition to receiving donations, in 2017, The Foundation added The Joe Bennett Endowment to its holdings. With the Endowment in place the Polymers Foundation can start funding research projects or scholarships with our University partners.

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To donate equipment, please contact Phil Shoemaker, PShoemaker@polymers-center.org, 704-602-4100

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The Polymers Center founded the The Joseph Y. Bennett Endowment to support charitable and educational activities related to the plastics industry. Learn More >

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