On November 13th, the Polymer Center of Excellence was provided the opportunity to present the center’s SPE members. We were able to explain our material sampling, our material and additive compounding, and our materials analysis capabilities. Attendees were able to learn about the latest in polymers technology, including injection molding simulations and 3D scanning of parts.

The group was split into two for a tour of the facility. At the event:

  • Phil Shoemaker, the Executive Director of the Polymers Center, gave an overview of the Polymers Center and the Polymers Technology Center
  • Tom McHouell, head of the Technology center presented our extrusion capabilities
  • Carl Thomas gave an overview of the Materials Science Laboratory and our state-of-the-art equipment
  • Amanda Hurd, Senior Engineer, discussed training, injection molding, and engineering She also demonstrated the Moldex3D. And two representatives from Innovalia Metrology demonstrated our 3D scanning arm
  • Matt Piatek from the American Injection Molding Institute (www.aim.institute) showed a video and discussed the institute’s training programs