The Polymers Center is pleased to announce the recent addition of a new 27mm twin screw co-rotating extruder to its list of equipment, expanding the center’s processing capabilities.

Able to melt and mix polymers with fillers, additives, fragrances, liquids, fibers, etc., twin screw extruders are used to compound resins and additives. The result is the enhancement of the properties of the polymer to improve strength, cost, flexibility, UV stability, and more.

The 27mm extruder at the Polymers Center currently has two loss-in-weight feeders that dispense the carrier resin and additives at a high degree of accuracy. We have side feed capabilities and can liquid inject, if needed. The 27mm is capable of running from 25 lbs/hr to 300 lb/hr, for special cases.

Additionally, the 27mm has the following features:

  • venting available in zones 8, 4, and 3
  • both underwater and strand pelletizing
  • dryers to pre-dry the material before it is compounded, depending on the base resin