Starting today, June 6th, 2022, Todd Bryant is leading the Paulson ProMolder™ 2 seminar at The Polymers Center. This five-day, hands-on injection molding class explores injection molding – the materials used, the process, and evaluation of molded parts. It is taught in two parts.

The first module investigates the plastics used in injection molding, their properties and behaviors. This is followed up by delving into the scientific basis of the effects various plastic materials have on molded parts. Common molded part defects are then analyzed to determine their causes, and finally at the end of module 1, solutions are explored.

The second module begins with hands-on injection molding practice using SimTech. SimTech is a molding simulator that allows attendees to see the effects to the process as the equipment’s controls are adjusted. After practicing on the simulator, students have the opportunity to work on an actual machine gaining first-hand knowledge of the concepts and principles taught in the seminar.

Attendees are asked to bring their real-life molded parts to the seminar for analysis and problem solving. Some of the goal at the Polymers Center is to assist plastics manufacturers in training their staff, as well as assisting them with product development, testing and problem-solving. At the Polymers Center, we have top of the industry educators to teach our courses. In addition, we have partnered with the biggest names in the polymer training business to offer you the best courses that are available. Visit our training page for information on all the upcoming courses.