On April 20, 2018 Wittmann Battenfeld will be installing a state of the art EcoPower 110/350 UNILOG B8 Injection Molding Machine at the Polymers Center. This will expand our tonnage capabilities from 35-55 tons up to 110 tons of clamping force.

The UNILOG B8 has user friendly operating logic with operational functions controlled by haptic keys. Gesture Control, including wiping and zooming, are available with the full- HD touch screen. You can quickly check the status of the machine, robot and peripheral equipment by viewing the colored status bar, pop-up menus or through a set of “traffic lights”. The Multi-Touch monitor also allows for display of two process graphs simultaneously. Setup is easy and fast with the inclusion of a QuickSetup program, pre-set default settings and help library.

This control system runs under the new Windows® 10 IoT operating system and allows for seamless integration of robots and peripheral equipment so all parameters can be controlled on one screen.