On March 7, the Polymers Center hosted the Moldex3D Northern America Molding Innovation Day. Presenters included Amanda Hurd (Training Manager and Injection Molding Engineer for the Polymers Center), Anthony Yang (President of Moldex3D North America), Chris Daly (Technical Sales for Moldex3D in the Northeastern United States), Toon Peeters (Application Engineer at GOM Branch Benelux ), Doug Espinoza (TZERO® Manager for RJG, Inc), Ke Feng (Polymer Product and Process Development with Celanese), and Jim Mitchell (National Sales Manager, Injection Machinery Division for Wittmann Battenfeld).

Attendees learned about Industry 4.0, metrology, TZERO Design Optimization, long fiber reinforced thermoplastics, and how simulated parts compare to real parts. Amanda Hurd used Moldex3D simulation to replicate a part molded in a donated mold, and compared the simulation to the actual part. Doug Espinoza provided the class with Design Pods that demonstrated the effects of both good and poor design practices. Jim Mitchell with Wittmann Battenfeld demonstrated how the Industry 4.0 cell works. Chris Daly explained some common ways in which simulation deviates from real world molding, including issues with clamp force being set too high, insufficient support within a mold, and poor venting. Daly walked participants through a Moldex3D simulation starting with the use of CADdoctor to clean up the CAD drawing, all the way through interpreting simulation results. He provided participants with additional part drawings to practice with, and free temporary licenses to Moldex3D so they could see how the software works for their own parts.

A facility tour and hands-on simulation lab allowed individuals to network and see how Moldex3D and PCE can help them succeed. Special thanks to our presenters and participants for making this a great event!

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