Learn the basics of injection molding and mold design at the Polymers Center with the “Mold Design for Project Engineers” course. The goal of this course is to provide students with a working knowledge of the equipment, specifically the injection molding machine and the plastics manufacturing process.

The course offers an introduction to plastics, plastic flow characteristics, and common industry terminology. The mold core/cavity geometry and the melt delivery, cooling, and ejection systems are addressed, while students learn to identify those details on mold prints. Strategies for sizing a machine for a given mold are explored, and critical design features to evaluate during the mold design are reviewed.

This course is designed not only for project engineers, but also anyone new to mold design.


  • Introduction to plastics, processing, mold design, and manufacturing.
  • Basics of the injection molding machine and plastics processing.
  • Overview of plastic flow characteristics.
  • Examination of the influence of a parting line on the final part design.
  • Analysis of the major systems of a mold, including structural, melt delivery, venting, cooling, and ejection.
  • Determination of the selection process for finding the right molding machine for a mold.

The course will be offered at the Polymers Center on July 10-11, 2018. Courses held at the Polymers Center through AIM must be registered for on the AIM website.

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