SPE Extrusion minitec + PET/PLA Extrusion 2019

SPE Society of Plastics Engineers
Polymers Center Charlotte NC

SPE Extrusion minitec
General Extrusion
May 1, 2019

PET/PLA Extrusion
Day 2 Tips & Techniques For PET & PLA
May 2, 2019

Attend Day 1 only, Day 2 only or both together for a great learning experience!
This unique program will feature tutorial presentations on Day 1, and advanced presentations relating to the extrusion of PET and PLA formulations on Day 2. Extrusion demonstrations and a facility tour are also integrated into the program!

SPE Extrusion minitec
General Extrusion
May 1, 2019

Day 1

8:30 AM Opening remarks, Phil Shoemaker, Polymer Center

  • Twin Screw Extruder Compounding and Metering Difficult Materials, Paul Andersen, Coperion
  • Selecting the Optimum Single Screw Extruder Screw Design, John Christiano, Davis-Standard
  • Mechanisms of Devolatilization in a Twin Screw Extruder, Paul Martin, JSW
  • What’s in Your Single Screw Extruder Barrel? John Perdikoulius, Compuplast


  • ­Die Design Paramemeters for Blown Film, Karen Xiao, Celgard
  • Processing of PET in Tube Configurations on a Single Screw Extruder, Steve Schick, Teel Plastics
  • Die Design Basics for Sheet and Cast Film, Olivier Catherine, Cloeren
  • Processing Heat and Shear Sensitive Formulations on a Twin Screw Extruder, Charlie Martin, Leistritz

Tour of Polymer Center and extrusion demonstration
Interactive co-rotating twin screw design/assembly session
Micro-compounder with direct injection molding


Mix and meet with speakers and sponsors

PET/PLA Extrusion
Day 2 Tips & Techniques For PET & PLA
May 2, 2019

Day 2 

8:30 AM Opening remarks, Phil Shoemaker, Polymer Center

  • Global View of R-PET, Stefan Deiss, Technip Zimmer
  • New Single Screw Technologies for PLA and PET, Tim Womer, TWW Associates
  • Comparative Melt Rheology of PET and PLA, Eldridge Mount, Emmount Industries
  • Engineering Your Process for Optimum Output and Quality When Extruding PLA (Ingeo), Jim Nangeroni, Nature Works
  • Pumps and Filtration for PET and PLA, Pablo Vaca, Maag
  • Plant Integration: a 4.0 Perspective, Joe Dziedzic, AEC/ACS


  • ­Control of Transesterification and Transamidation Mechanisms in Condensation Polymers with Supramolecular Recognition, Joe Webster, Stabililization Technologies
  • Continuous Filtration for Sheet Production, Paul Hueter, Ettlinger
  • Processing undried PET and PLA using Gneuss Processing Technology, Monika Gneuss, Gneuss
  • Opportunities for Improved PET Processing and Performance through Direct Extrusion, Sabine Schoenfeld, Coperion
  • Circular Economy, Stefan Deiss, Technip Zimmer

4:30 PM Adjourn

Breaks, lunch and handout materials are included.


Cost to register:

Day 1 (May 1st)
Day 2 (May 2nd)
Both days (May 1-2)

On or before April 5th                    


After April 5th


A confirmation will be sent with logistical details, including hotel information.

Preliminary list of corporate sponsors:
Davis-Standard, Leistritz, Gneuss, Thermo Fisher, Plastics Technology Magazine, Polymers Center

Corporate sponsorships/tabletop displays:
A limited # (12) sponsorships are available on a 1st come basis for only $1000, which includes a no charge registration for the entire event.

Contact Charlie Martin, (908) 685-2333 x616 or cmartin@leistritz-extrusion.com

We look forward to seeing you at this high-tech event!

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