Scientists in France have developed a prototype of a group of dome-like structures, or pods that can maintain specific climate conditions within the pod no matter what the conditions are outside of the pod. In other words, one of these pods can be set to maintain conditions optimal for growing food even in an environment where that would be impossible. In addition to food production, the pods can become homes for humans. These pods could advance lunar missions, exploration of Mars, or even making areas on Earth that are currently inhabitable, habitable.

The inflatable pods that measure approximately 20 feet wide, 33 feet long, and 15 feet high, are domelike and made of plastic composites. The base is solid while the sides and top are made of soft plastic membranes. These environment-controlled pods are being tested in extreme climates to show how the internal systems maintain the right levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and light. The goal is to revolutionize food production by using advance technology in crop cultivation. A wide range of plants and crops are being grown in this indoor farm environment that would not otherwise survive.

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