Mold builders, molders, and plastic parts producers run into difficulties when a part is not in spec or ends up not working properly, resulting in frustration and finger pointing. Mold makers often have to make assumptions when drawings are incomplete; changes to material specs and molding conditions can also become issues, causing back and forth between the mold maker and the molder in an attempt to make the part fit as it should. Modifying molds multiple times to get what the client needs is common, not to mention costly. The end result is a mold that is higher than budgeted due to the costs associated with adjustments.

The Polymers Center has expanded their engineering and testing capabilities to solve these problems. With the addition of Moldex3D and SolidWorks software, we are able to troubleshoot before steel is cut, significantly reducing the adjustments required to make a good part. The Polymers Center has the equipment and expertise to analyze, troubleshoot, and recommend adjustments to the process. We can even sample the mold in our Injection Molding Lab. With these capabilities and support, think of the product quality, speed and cost savings for you and your customers.


Moldex3D is a sophisticated software program that simulates the plastics injection molding process. The viewer can easily see:

  • how the material fills the mold
  • how the gate freezes off during the packing phase
  • what happens as the material cools
  • the direction and magnitude of part warpage

Part drawings are uploaded to the Moldex3D program and a simulation is run to identify success and failures of the mold/part creation process. If a problem is identified, the mold drawings can be adjusted and the software can run the process again to see if the problems have been corrected.

Moldex3D is the world leading CAE product for the plastic injection molding industry.


SolidWorks is a powerful software program that allows the Polymers Center to manipulate part drawings. With this program, if a drawing needs adjusting, we are able to do that on the spot. We are also able to extract valuable information, such as a solid part drawing from a mold cavity. Additionally, Solidworks allows us to manipulate current mold drawings including part, runner and cooling lines – or we can create completely new drawings.

With SolidWorks, the Polymers Center is able to help customers even more because we can show how changing the mold will ultimately affect the part.

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

This machine was placed at the Polymers Center by North Carolina State University’s NCMEP to boost 3D printing productivity and confidence. The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle is a unique production solution that takes the hassle out of 3D printing when using an extended range of materials. Its 6 spool bays provide huge capacity for bigger prints, more small batches, or more flexibility in setup. The new printer will be used by NC companies who need support making prototype parts.

To find out more about the 3D printing service, contact Phil Mintz

The Da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D Printer

With our new desktop 3D printer, the Polymers Center can help our customers design and prototype new parts. The Da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D printer features a dual nozzle allowing for the printing of two different materials or colors in the same job. For a detailed piece, the support is a water-soluble PLA filament; Simply drop the model in water to remove the supports and have a clean, smooth part.

Layer Resolution:
100 – 400 microns
Print Dimension: 7.9 x 7.9 x 5.9 inches
Materials: PLA / ABS / Water-Soluble PLA / Tough PLA

Da Vinci 3D Printer

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