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Lab and Full Scale Production

Through our subsidiary, the Polymers Technology Center, we are capable of offering compounding and extrusion services. From producing trial samples with our versatile lab scale 21mm twin screw extruder to full scale production with our 27mm and 50mm Leistritz Maxx machines, we help companies with their unique production demands.

Our twin screw extruders for compounding plastics and making pellets can handle pellets, powders, fibers, granules, flakes and liquids. Our staff is highly experienced in compounding a wide array of specialty fillers and additives into the base resin of your choice. Customers are invited to come and participate in the formulation and compounding of their materials.

Conveniently located in one building, the Polymers Center and the Polymers Technology Center are able to share capabilities giving our customers options that are not available anywhere else. We can handle your pelletizing and extruding film projects from research and materials testing to pilot or production scale. Once completed, we can stop by our materials science lab for quality control.

Film and Sheet Extrusion

In the extrusion lab at the Polymers Center:

  • We can extrude plastic film and plastic sheet with our 1.5” single screw and 8” wide film die, and
  • We can produce mono-layer blown film samples with our small scale 2” blown film line.
Film and Sheet Extrusion
Film & Sheet Extruder – Cast Film Line
Small Scale Compounding
Small Scale Compounding – TSE 21mm Twin Screw Strand Pelletizing
Leistritz Machine
Leistritz 50mm Maxx with Gala Pelletizer

Compounding Services

  • Plastic Masterbatch Processing and Extrusion
    The Technology Center’s state of the art twin-screw compounding lines can take on the challenging tasks of homogenization, deagglomeration, dispersion, and distribution of additives, fillers, and liquids into the polymer base.

  • Custom Compounds
    The Polymers Technology Center can provide your company with consistent, high quality compounds in small or large volumes, as well as masterbatches.

  • Product Development Trials
    The Polymers Technology Center assists companies in the development of new products and specialty compounds, research new resin and additive combinations, and the optimization of processes.

  • Low Shear and High Shear Blending
    The Technology Center can accommodate high shear mixing and low shear products without degradation.

  • Reactive Extrusion
    Our equipment is capable of combining chemical reactions that are traditionally handled separately with extrusion, in a single process.

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