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The Polymers Center is Proud to Present the Polymers Drying Course, Instructed by Pete Stoughton.

After more than 40 years of working with Polymer Dryers, Pete Stoughton has decided to develop a Polymer Drying Seminar. The class will be held March 17, 2020 and will help anyone who works with the production of plastic parts understand how important drying can be for part quality. In Pete’s own words, here’s [...]

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Learn the “Why” Behind Plastics Processing and Become a Processing Pro with Paulson Training

Are You Still Manufacturing Plastics by a Set of Rules? What if the conditions that correspond to the rules change? Will you know what to do? Paulson Training Programs’ Plastics Academy offers a full slate of scientific plastics processing courses for injection molders and extruders at the Polymers Center of Excellence. Each vendor-neutral seminar [...]

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Are you getting the most out of your robot?

Wittmann Battenfeld offers basic robot operating classes at the Polymers Center. This hands-on class allows attendees to experience the correct use of the Wittmann Battenfeld robot. Students will be coached through the entire operation process, building confidence in even the most novice user. This investment in time will deliver efficiency and greater up-time for a more lucrative [...]

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The Polymers Center Hosts A Robot Basics Course

The Polymers Center recently hosted a Robot Operators Training Course taught by David Botelho of Wittman Battenfeld. With 23 years’ experience, Botelho was the perfect person to lead the basics class that featured the Integrated Battenfeld Robot and Ecopower 110. This intuitive class trained the students to safely operate the robot in manual mode, [...]

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Invest in Knowledge

The ‘AIM Mold Start-up, Debug & Qualification’ course at the Polymers Center is designed to teach about the production of injection molds, optimization of the performance of existing molds, and mitigation of common pitfalls that limit your process. Students gain a better understanding of mold bench testing and start-up procedures from the plastic’s perspective. In [...]

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