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Mold Design Course For Project Engineers

Learn the basics of injection molding and mold design at the Polymers Center with the “Mold Design for Project Engineers” course. The goal of this course is to provide students with a working knowledge of the equipment, specifically the injection molding machine and the plastics manufacturing process. The course offers an introduction to plastics, [...]

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The Polymers Center Adds a Regloplas Temperature Control Unit

Regloplas, a Swiss supplier of Temperature Controllers, has provided a P160S pressurized water temperature control unit to the Polymers Center for applications when optimum heat transfer is needed. This TCU is used in conjunction with our Arburg 320A 55 ton Injection Molding Machine. Pressurized water units are safer and cleaner than oil units, and are [...]

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New Wittmann Injection Molding Machine

On April 20, 2018 Wittmann Battenfeld will be installing a state of the art EcoPower 110/350 UNILOG B8 Injection Molding Machine at the Polymers Center. This will expand our tonnage capabilities from 35-55 tons up to 110 tons of clamping force. The UNILOG B8 has user friendly operating logic with operational functions controlled by haptic [...]

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Optimize Product Design and Manufacturability With Moldex3D

Moldex3D is a leading software program for the plastic injection molding industry. Moldex3D can simulate a wide range of plastics injection molding processes allowing the viewer to see how the material fills the mold, how the gate freezes off during the packing phase, what happens as the material cools, the direction and magnitude of part [...]

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