Does any of this sound familiar to you:

  • We can’t find qualified people!
  • (S)he just doesn’t have enough experience in this area.
  • We don’t have time to train anyone.

Finding the right talent, regardless of the role, can be a full-time job in and of itself. Finding a motivated employee with the right combination of education and experience, personal drive, and willingness to learn, coupled with the more elusive ideal cultural fit, can create a nightmare scenario for any hiring manager.

Here at the AIM Institute, we firmly believe in finding people with the right personality and the right interior motor, and giving them the educational tools they need to be successful in their role. AIM was founded by Professor John Beaumont, Plastics Hall-of-Famer and cofounder + former chair of the Plastics Engineering Technology program at Penn State. If anyone understands how important the right education and training is for success, it’s this guy.

Beaumont, along with AIM’s team of experienced industry educators (David Hoffman, David Rose, Jennifer Schmidt, Jason Travitz, John Bozzelli, and Mike Sepe), have created programs to support nearly every functional area within the plastic injection molding industry.

In addition to AIM’s Molders’ Series for processors, Autodesk Moldflow classes, and the industry’s first and only ANSI-Accredited Educational Program – the Plastics Technology and Engineering (PTE) Certificate Program – AIM offers five core Development Courses that deliver focused, subject-specific knowledge over two-day seminars.

AIM’s Development Courses include Plastics 101, Plastic Materials, Mold Design, Part Design, and Injection Molding Processing.

These courses allow individuals from any functional area to enhance their understanding of the four key disciplines in the injection molding process, and how each discipline impacts the final part. Plastics 101 is particularly beneficial for anyone new to plastic injection molding or who is looking to learn more about our industry.

For those individuals that can’t make the trip to AIM’s headquarters in Erie, PA, all of AIM’s Development Courses are offered at the Polymers Center.

AIM’s Part Design Development Course is coming up on November 6-7, and the 2020 calendar will be released within the next few weeks. For additional information on AIM’s unique education and training for the plastic injection molding industry, visit the company’s website at