The newest acquisition of the PCE Materials lab is the Instron HV3S HDT/Vicat tester. This new system is used to evaluate the behavior of plastics at high temperatures. The HV3S measures the heat deflection temperature (HDT) and the Vicat softening temperature (Vicat) of materials. This system replaces our outgoing Ceast HDT6 that has been in service for over 20 years. The Polymers Center is once again offering ASTM D648 and ASTM D1525, both low and high loads, with oil temperatures up to 200C.

The engineers at the Polymers Center are knowledgeable and trained to assure test results are accurate and repeatable. We check the dimensions of critical components and temperature behavior to provide comprehensive verifications.

Additional benefits of the Instron HV3S HDT/Vicat tester include:

  • Station modularity – up to 3 stations available
  • Built-in temperature control – maximum temperature allowed for the oil bath is limited preventing settings that can generate inaccurate results and harmful fumes.
  • Oil degradation monitoring – the system alerts the user when the bath level is out of range and reports oil degradation that could affect test results.
  • Superior cooling – oil is quickly cooled to the starting temperature after a test run, allowing for the following test to begin with little wait time and water consumption.
  • Advanced electronics – the technology mechanically zeros the position of the LVDT sensors before starting a test; this reduces errors and time.
  • Smooth manual lifting mechanism – allows for easy raising and lowering of the stations
  • User-friendly touch screen – the interface does not require a computer and offers quick test setup and data export in a few simple touches.
  • HV Software – run tests, edit methods, analyze results with minimal effort. The software also secures test access so that accidental changes are prevented due to operator changes.

Feel free to contact Yiros to learn more about the HV3S HDT/Vicat tester or discuss your testing needs.