The Polymers Center is proud to partner with a wide range of companies who help us achieve our mission to increase knowledge, provide technical support, and develop emerging technologies in the polymers industry. From injection molding training, to materials testing and robotics, our partners help us showcase the latest and greatest technology the industry has to offer.

Society of Plastics Engineers

The objective of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) is to promote the scientific and engineering knowledge relating to plastics. It’s mission is to represent all types of professionals involved in the plastics field from student to retired professional, providing and promoting scientific and engineering knowledge related to plastics around the world.

SPE is the leading technical society for the global plastics industry. It is a community of individuals involved in the technical and commercial aspects of the plastics and polymer industry. It is a place where individuals can interact, learn and develop skills to meet their personal and professional goals. This community fosters technical innovation and industry competitiveness through scientific development and commercialization.

With over 22,500+ members from 84 different countries, SPE is the largest, most well-known plastics professional society in the world. For over 75 years, we are the “go to” place for technical information, training, networking and knowledge sharing for plastics professionals who want to advance their knowledge and their careers.

Paulson Training

Paulson is a technical training company that teaches the fundamentals and advanced topics of scientific injection molding for the Plastic’s Industry. The Polymers Center host Paulson’s injection molding and extrusion courses.


The CPM Extrusion Group is a global leader in the supply of twin screw extruders, replacement parts, and support services for industries, such as plastics compounding, masterbatch, powder coatings, and many others. The Polymers Center hosts CPM Extrusion Group’s compounding seminars.

Kruse Training

Kruse Training is an interactive online knowledge and training solution for part designers, mold designers, and senior process engineers. The Kruse Training method helps develop synergistic teams of cross-trained professionals who can successfully design and mold plastic components.

Kruse Analysis

Kruse Analysis provides CAE simulation services to the plastic injection molding industry. By utilizing advanced technology, Kruse helps customers troubleshoot from product design to development, optimize design patterns, shorten time-to-market, and maximize product return on investment (ROI).


RJG provides comprehensive tools and training that allow molders to implement scientific molding techniques and improve molding quality, productivity, and profitability. The Polymers Center host RJG’s Materials class.

Shibaura Machine

Shibaura Machine is a premier global manufacturer of a wide variety of innovative, precise, supremely reliable machinery. Established in 1875, Shibaura Machine was among the first companies in the world to establish mechatronics-oriented production systems. In the US, the company recently doubled their footprint in Illinois by opening a new injection molding machine assembly facility in Elk Grove Village. This new facility allows for increased customer demand and implementation of enhanced and accelerated quality control techniques.


The American Injection Molding (AIM) provides education and training for the plastic injection molding industry, based on the latest research available. The Polymers Center will be hosting the AIM Moldflow classes in 2020.


The Sepro Group designs and integrates 3-axis, 5-axis and 6 axis robots with a unique native control platform to equip injection molding machines of all brands.  The Sepro Group has a sprue picker machine placed at the Polymers Center.

Wittmann Battenfeld

Wittmann Battenfeld gives plastics processors a unique advantage with processing machines, automation and auxiliary equipment that perform at the highest level. Wittmann Battenfeld placed a consignment injection molding machine, blender, granulator, dryer, TCU and robot at the Polymers Center.


Advantage Engineering develops and manufactures innovative industrial heat transfer products including water chillers, temperature control units and evaporative cooling towers for a wide range of industries. Advantage placed a TCU with the Toshiba IMM located at the Polymers Center.


Regloplas specializes in the development, production and worldwide sale of temperature control technology including temperature control units and chillers for injection molding, die-casting and other industries. Regloplas placed a TCU with the Arburg IMM located at the Polymers Center.


Goettfert is the world’s leading supplier of rheological material testing machines in the field of plastics and rubbers, used in production control laboratories (Quality Control), in research and development departments or universities.  They placed a variety of rheology equipment in the Polymers Center materials science lab.


Mixaco delivers innovation in mixing technology with machines and solutions that set new standards in quality around the world. Mixaco placed a mixer in the Polymers Center extrusion lab.

UNC Charlotte

UNC Charlotte is North Carolina’s urban research university offering internationally competitive programs of research and creative activity, exemplary undergraduate, graduate and professional programs, and a focused set of community engagement initiatives. Joe Henz teaches a class about injection molding at the UNC Charlotte campus each year.


Moldex3D is the world leading CAE product for the plastic injection molding industry. With the best-in-class analysis technology, they carry out in-depth simulation of injection molding processes to optimize product designs and manufacturability. The Polymers Center uses the Moldex3D injection molding simulation software.


Since 1976 Sesotec has been developing and building high-tech systems for foreign object detection and material sorting in a wide range of applications. Sesotec recycling sorting systems are suitable for removing contaminants or impurities from material that has already been shredded. They sort plastic flakes and regrind as well as glass fragments.

The Sesotec Flake Scan system virtually eliminates the need for labor-intensive sample analyses and significantly reduces the efforts involved in performing manual, visual, and thermal inspections. The unit can quickly assess the composition of batches of plastic flakes.

Plastics Machinery

Plastics Machinery, LLC is a full service equipment sales organization providing complete systems to the plastics industry. They provide systems and installation for all areas of the plastics industry, including extrusion, blow molding, and injection molding. Plastic Machinery has placed the Sepro Sprue Picker, the Shibaura Injection Molding Machine and the Advantage TCU on consignment at the Polymers Center.

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