When he started consulting in 1994, Adam Dreiblatt realized there was a lack of basic understanding by most end-users of how twin-screw extruders work and seized this opportunity to create a training program suitable for all twin-screw extruder applications. “…The extruder doesn’t know if the material in the screw is polyethylene, wheat flour or some pharmaceutical API. Since all the extruder knows is viscosity, pressure, torque, etc., the same basic principles apply, no matter what material is being processed…”

Adam created a two-day training seminar for SPE (Society of Plastic Engineers), which was presented twice each year at different SPE venues, in addition to the training he was doing on-site for his consulting clients. SPE then asked Adam to organize a workshop with some hands-on aspect. “The first one was in Clearwater, FL and the extruder was setup “poolside” for experiments. This was an amazing experience for myself as well as the 45 attendees.” When SPE discontinued their seminar and workshop programs,  Adam looked to PCE to continue this successful workshop format.

Over the years, Adam has developed what he calls ‘extrusionspeak’, a simplified way of explaining the complex interactions that occur in co-rotating twin-screw extruders. This allows him to teach the same concepts to those with no experience as well as to seasoned professionals.

“Adam’s energy is contagious” says one of his workshop students.

Adam returns to PCE on June 16-18 for the three-day Century Twin-Screw Compounding Workshop, now in it’s 15th year. Day 3 of the workshop uses our Theysohn 21mm twin-screw extruder for practical experiments. “The hands-on training is NOT a demonstration”, says Adam. “We never know exactly how it’s going to work out, that’s how life is”. Workshop participants are introduced to Experimental Design (DOE) which is then used to develop and optimize the processing conditions for a typical compound formulation.

Adam is the Director of Process Technology for CPM Extrusion Group, a leading global supplier of twin-screw extruders and replacement parts. He supports the sales organization for the US out of Traverse City, MI as well as for the Extricom and Ruiya business units in Lauffen, Germany and Nanjing, China. He has authored numerous chapters in reference books and technical articles and is often presenting at global conferences.

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